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At First Homes Real Estate,  we are committed to

1)     Act in your best interests

2)     To provide you with straight forward and honest market appraisals.

3)     To make full disclosure.

4)     To maintain confidentiality.

Our aim is to create a relationship of trust between the client and the agent during the selling process and thus make it a positive experience. We take this relationship very seriously.



Excellent Information
A good decision requires good information. We ensure you are well informed throughout the selling process. When the final decision is made you can be confident you are making the right decision.

Professional Marketing
All our marketing tools has been designed to present your property in a positive and attractive manner.  We think very carefully about each property. We market to ensure the unique selling features are emphasized in all means of advertisements and editorials.

Ability to Negotiate
We are experienced negotiators and  have the knowledge, expertise and training to handle difficult and awkward situations to maximize the benefit for you 

Buyers Like Us
We are constantly updating our database of buyers by building relationships to know their requirements and ensuring they understand the market. We make sure buyers are well informed so they can  make a quick decision. This enhances the possibility of a quick and hassle free sale.


Our integrity is very important to us. It is this factor that makes buyers trust us and this is the key to maximizing the price.  We always ensure the information we are providing to buyers is correct. The buyer can make an informed decision and be more likely to meet the terms of the vendor.

At first homes Real Estate we take the time to ensure we are familiar with the property market through constant examination of market activities.

Approachable Staff
Successful real estate agents are good communicators. The staff at First homes Real Estate is friendly, approachable, reliable and honest.

Professional Team
We work in a team environment. When you list your property with us, the whole team is working for you, not just an office or an individual, but our entire group. We are professionals who pride ourselves on our standards, integrity and work ethic.

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